SPD-S: Using an FD-7/FD-8 foot controller

Tags: control,spd-s,assigning,hi-hat
The FD-7 control pedal can be used with the SPD-S to control various parameters. Use the following steps to set the FD-7 (or a Boss FS-5U) to control the "open and close" type of performance from a hi-hat sound:

1. Connect the FD-7 to the FOOT SW input on the SPD-S.

2. Press SETUP ("SYSTEM" shows in the display).

3. Press ENTER.

4. Press PAGE Right [>] five times to select "FootSwPolarity."

5. Press (-) to choose "FootSwPolarity -."

6. Press EXIT once (“SYSTEM” shows in the display).

7. Press PAGE Right [>] twice to select "CONTROL SW."

8. Press ENTER.

9. Step on the FD-7 so the FOOT SW 1 light flashes.

10. Use the + / - buttons to select "WAVE SW." This set up allows the FD-7 to choose between the WAVE A and WAVE B sounds.

Now we'll assign the open and closed hi-hat sounds to a pad:

1. Press PATCH.

2. Use + / - to select a desired patch.

3. Press EDIT ("WAVE A" shows in the display).

4. Press ENTER.

5. Strike the pad to be assigned.

6. Use + / - to select "i164>AcuHH op."

7. Press EXIT once.

8. Press PAGE Right [>] once to select "WAVE B."

9. Press ENTER.

10. Use + / - to select "Wave Sw FOOTSW."

11. Press PAGE Right [>] once.

12. Use + / - to select "i163>AcuHH cl."

13. Press EXIT.

14. Press PAGE Left [<] once to select "WAVE A."

15. Press ENTER.

16. Step on the FD-7 so the FOOT SW 1 light flashes.

17. Use + / - to select "i165>AcuHH ft."

18. Press EXIT.

Now we'll set the FD-7 to cut off or "close" the open hi-hat sound. To do so, the pad and the pedal must be set to the same "MUTE GROUP."

1. While still in patch edit, press PAGE Right (>) to select "PAD CONTROL."

2. Press ENTER.

3. Press PAGE Right (>) three times to select "Mute Group."

4. Strike the same pad that was previously selected in step #5 above.

5. Use + / - to select a desired mute group number (1 - 9).

6. Press the FD-7 and choose the same number.

Note: The PAD number will be lit and FOOT SW 1 should flash. If other pads are sharing the same mute group, they will also be lit. If so, choose a number that only the pad and the FD-7 share.

7. Press EXIT twice or PATCH to return to PATCH mode.