DR-3: Deleting the Bass Part in a User Style

Tags: erase,dr-3
If you want to delete the bass part in a Style it must be done in the USER Style section in the DR-3. The Preset Styles cannot be edited or changed, so if you want to delete the bass part in a Preset, you must first copy it to a User Style location. Once it's there, you can use the following steps to delete the bass parts for each of the patterns in the Style.
Tip: If you'd like to copy a Preset Style to a User location, follow the steps in "Copying a Style" in this Knowledge Base.
Note: It's not possible to delete the entire bass part in the style all at once. It must be done for each pattern within the User Style.

1. Select the User Style that you want to delete the bass part of.

2. Hold the PTN button (above the INST button) and press the desired form button (Intro, VerseA Fill A etc...) to select the pattern - The form button you selected will begin flashing.

3. Press the INST button until BASS appears in the display.

4. Press the REC button.

5. Press START (>/||). The pattern will begin to play.

6. Press and hold the REC button and then press and hold the desired form button (Intro, VerseA Fill A etc...) for the entire duration of the pattern. Depending on the pattern that you've selected, this could be 1 to 4 measures. While you're holding the buttons, the bass part is deleting.

7. When you no longer hear the bass part playing, release the buttons and then press STOP.

8. Repeat steps 2-7 above for each of the remaining patterns in the Style if desired. Each time you press STOP, "NOW WORKING" appears in the display indicating the DR-3 is storing the pattern with the bass part deleted.