GR-55: Naming a Patch

Tags: edit,details,write,store,customize

Here's how to custom name a User patch in the GR-55. 

1. Choose a patch that you'd like to rename.

2. Press the WRITE button. 

3. Press ENTER [NAME].

4. Turn the dial to choose a desired character for the first space.

5. Press the cursor right button to select the next character space.

6. Turn the dial to choose the character.   

7. Repeat Steps 3-4 to complete the name. There are 16 spaces available for the name. 

Tip: Use the up or down cursor buttons to insert or delete a character.

8. Press WRITE.

9. If desired, turn the dial to choose a User location to Write to. If you want to write the new name into the existing patch, skip to step 10. 

10. Press WRITE. The new name is stored in the User Patch.