VS-2000CD, VS-2400CD, VS-2480: Recorder Locks Up when Loading a Project

Tags: vs-2400cd,vs-2480,vs-2000cd
If your VS recorder locks when you attempt to load a project, the data stored on the hard drive may have become corrupted. As a possible remedy for this problem there are two options.

Option A: Send the VS In for Data Recovery

If you have projects on your VS that you don't want to lose, and for which you don't have backups, we have a data-recovery service that may be able to recover your projects. If you'd like to do this, contact our Customer Support department at 323-890-3740 to arrange for your VS recorder to be sent in. Customer Support is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 am and 5 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Option B: Format the Hard Drive

Caution!!! Formatting your drive will erase/delete all of the songs on your VS recorder. If it's vital that your songs not be erased, use Option A above.

If your recorder won't finish starting up when it's turned on, use this special boot-up method to start up so you can format your hard drive.
  • VS-2400/2480— Hold down the TRACK STATUS and CH EDIT buttons for Track 4. Continue to hold these buttons down as you turn on your machine until the VS finishes starting up.
  • VS-2000— Hold down the TRACK STATUS button for Track 4 along with the FX2 button above Track 4. Continue to hold these buttons down until the VS finishes starting up.

Once your VS has started up:

1. Go into your Project menu. (If you have a VGA monitor, select "Project List" from the Project menu.)

2. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial so "IDE:0" is selected.

3. Press the PAGE button three times so you're on the Page 4 tab shown at the bottom of the screen.

4. Press F2 (FmtDrv) and the Format Drive screen appears.

5. In the Partition Size box, make sure "10GB" has a checkmark next to it.

6. In the Physical Format box, checkmark "ON."

7. In the Surface Scan box, checkmark "ON."

8. Press F6 (OK).

9. Press ENTER/YES.

10. Press ENTER/YES again.

11. If the message "Protected Project Found" appears, press ENTER/YES to continue.

Note: It may take up to eight hours to format the drive, but when it's done, you can use your VS normally.