VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824CD: Copying a Track

Tags: loop,vs-1680,vs-1880,track,edit,copy,vs-1824cd

Track Copy allows you to copy a whole track, or a specific part of the track, and place it in a different location. The location can be on another track entirely, or on the same track but at a different time in the song. A popular use of track copy is for "looping" a portion of the track, or for example, copying a chorus from one part of a track to another. There are some times, or locations, you need to be aware of before going to the track copy screen to edit. These are your START, END, FROM, and TO times.

START - the beginning time of the region (track) you're trying to copy
END - the ending time of the region (track) you're trying to copy
FROM - unless syncing with devices such as video, this time should be the same as the START time
TO - this is the location you want to place the copy

Track Copy Procedure:

1. Hold down SHIFT and press F2[TRACK].
2. Select F2[Copy] for Track Copy.
3. On the Track Copy page you should see four boxes to input your Start, End, From, and To times. Put the appropriate times in these boxes. If you have the times stored in locators, cursor to the box for the time you wish to input, press the appropriate locator, and press F2[Now] to put that time in the box.
4. Once the times are inputted into the boxes, press F1[SelTrk] to select the track you wish to copy.
5. Cursor to the track you wish to copy and press F3[MARK] to place a checkmark next to the appropriate track.
NOTE: Once the checkmark is placed next to the track, a number appears to the right indicating the destination track. For example, before the mark is placed the line may say "1-1 V.T. 1-1...>----". After the mark is placed, a number is placed in the dashes to represent the destination track, "1-1 V.T. 1-1...>1-1".
6. Change this destination track number to the appropriate track with the TIME/VALUE dial.
7. Select F4[EXEC] to execute the copy.