SI-24, Studio Package Pro, SPP: Recording tracks into Logic RPC Pro?

Tags: tracks,recording,studio,package,pro,si-24,spp
When you select a track to record on in Logic, you need to select which of the inputs you want to use from the SI-24.

1- Connect your instrument/mic to an input
2- Raise the Line/Mic gain knob to adjust the input level by turning the knob while testing the level at the loudest part of the song until the peak indicator lights, and then back off slightly so that it doesnt lit.
3- Press the INPUT button on the SI-24 and raise the fader for the input channel you plugged your instrument into.
4- In Logic RPC, select the input your instrument is plugged into.
5- On the SI-24, press the TR-1-12 button and press the Status Mode button REC/PLAY.
6- On the SI-24, press the STATUS button to turn RED for the track you want to record on. This will open a window in Logic for you to name and select where you want to store the audio you are about to record. (It is suggested to create a new folder for each song.)
7- Press RECORD & PLAY and you're recording.