VS-2480, VS-2480CD, VS-2400: Quick Recording - Mouse

Tags: input,vs-2400,vs-2480,vs-2480cd,level,signal
After connecting your instrument or microphone cable to the input jack and adjusting the sensetivity knob, you must raise the input fader to record the signal to the hard drive.

1. Click on Mixer.
2. Click on Input Mixer/Master Block.
3. Click on the fader for the input you are using and drag it up to 0db.
4. Click on Home to return to the main screen.
5. Click on the Status indicator for the track(s) you wish to record to so it lights red. The indicator will change from PLY(Green) to OFF(Grey) to REC(Red).
6. Click on the Record button so it blinks red.
7. Click on the Play button to begin recording.