VS-1680: Disc At One & Track At Once

Tags: vs-1680
When writing two or more songs together to a CD-R disc, you will need to select
how the space between songs will be handled.

Disk At Once:
The song data and the track number markers attached the song data will be
written to the CD-R disc without change. However, additional song data cannot
be added later to a CD-R disc that was written using Disc At Once (It will be
in the same condition as if Finalize had been performed).

Track At Once:
Two seconds of silence will automatically be written to the CD-R disc before
each track number marker attached to the song data (this is the same condition
as when additional songs are written to the disc later). Additional song data
can be written to a CD-R disc that was written using Track At Once.

If you have assigned track numbers to medley of songs, Disc At Once would be
the appropriate choice. This is because Track At Once would add approximately
two seconds of silence, which would cause the playback to sound fragmented.