GT-8, GT8: After Assigning a Desired Function to the Expression Pedal, the Pedal also Controls Volume at the Same Time

Tags: control,level,gt-8,gt8
If you have assigned a specific function to be controlled by the EXP pedal, it's possible that the pedal may still be controlling volume as well. If this is not desired, use the following steps to disable the volume control of the EXP pedal, without effecting the newly assigned function:

1. With the desired patch selected, press the "ASSIGN" CTL/EXP button -(not the CTL pedal).

2. Press PARAMETER (>) right until "EXP PDL Foot Vol Min" shows in the display.

3. Press the CTL/EXP button until "EXP PDL OFF" is flashing in the display.

4. To save the new setting, press the WRITE button twice.