BR-864: Selecting Drum Kits

Tags: rhythm,kits,br-864,drum
Use te following procedure to select one of the BR-864's internal drum kits:

1. Make sure performance of the song is stopped, then press [ARRANGE/PATTERN/OFF] repeatedly until the indicator is lit.

2. Press [PROGRAM].

3. Press [CURSOR] to move the cursor to “KIT,” and press [ENTER].

4. Use CURSOR [< or >] and the TIME/VALUE dial to select drum kits by switching the preset/song and number.

STD1, 2: Standard sets
ROOM: Set with moderate ambience applied
HARD: Set appropriate for hard rock
JAZZ: Set appropriate for jazz
HIP-HOP: Set appropriate for dance
HOUSE: Set appropriate for dance
REGGAE: Set appropriate for reggae
808: Set based on the renowned “Roland TR-808” rhythm machine

SongKit1–5: Original drum kits assigned to each song.

5. Press [EXIT] repeatedly to return to the Play screen.

NOTE: * Drum kits are stored to each individual arrangement separately.

Arrangement.......Drum Kit
ROCK 1...............ROOM
ROCK 2...............STD 2