Chopped Notes when Triggering other MIDI Devices

Tags: r-70,r-5,r-8,r-8mkii
The pads on an R-5, R-8, R-8MkII, R-70 are designed to send extremely quick
on/off messages via MIDI.

When triggering an external MIDI keyboard or sound module, drum sounds will
normally trigger as they would on the drum machine itself. Certain other
sounds, such as bass guitar or other 'keyboard type' sounds, may not sound as
expected due to the sustaining characteristics of these particular sounds.
These type of sounds expect a MIDI note to be held longer than is possible
using the pads of a drum machine.

You can easily get the desired sustain for these type of instruments by using a
MIDI keyboard to trigger them. If you need to use the drum machine to trigger
the sound, try setting the release time for that sound to its maximum amount on
the MIDI Sound Module you are triggering.