CDX-1: Before You Use the Multi-track Section on the CDX-1

Tags: multi-track,format,data,cdx-1,cd-rw,high,speed,type
You need to format a High-Speed CD-RW disk to be able to record using the Multi-track section of the unit. The CD-RW disk acts as your hard drive to store the data being recorded. Use the following procedure to format a high-speed CD-RW disk:

1. Insert a new CD-RW disk. A message of "Blank Disk. Format Now?" will be displayed on the screen.

2. Press YES/ENTER. The CD-RW format screen is displayed.

3. Use the CURSOR buttons and the TIME/VALUE dial to choose "FULL" across from "Format Type:".

4. Press CURSOR DOWN to move the cursor to the "Data Type" line. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select your Data Type - STANDARD (highest quality), LONG1, or LONG2 (longest recording time).

5. Press YES/ENTER. A message of "Format OK?" appears in the screen.

6. Press CURSOR > to select "OK", and press YES/ENTER. The format is executed. When formatting is completed, the display will show a message of "Completed." and the main screen will be displayed. If you press YES/ENTER to select "CANCEL", the CD-RW Format screen will reappear.