VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824, VS-1824CD: Deleting Performance Data (Track Cut)

Tags: track,erase,remove,delete,region,cut

This operation cuts playback data from the specified area. This is procedure
effectively removes the specified data and places the separated data together.
Use the following procedure to track cut:

1) Hold SHIFT and press F2[TRACK].
2) Press F1 so that "Track" is displayed.
3) Press F6[Cut].

NOTE: If "Cut" does not appear in F6, first press PAGE until "Cut" is
displayed and then press F6[Cut].

4) Press F1[SelTr].
5) Press the STATUS button(s) for the track(s) you wish to cut. The button
indicator lights red.
6) Press F1[Back].
7) Press the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT CURSOR buttons to move the cursor. Set
each of your values for your start and end times with the TIME/VALUE dial.

START (Start Point): Specifies the starting time of the segment you wish to
END (End Point) : Specifies the ending of the segment you wish to cut.
ALL V.Tracks : Normally, data can be cut from the tracks that are
audible. If you wish the same segment to be cut from all tracks, set this to

8) Press F4[Exec]. This executes the Track Cut.
9) When Track Cut is completed correctly, "Complete" appears in the display.
10) Press and hold the SHIFT button.
11) While holding the SHIFT button, press the ZERO (STORE) button.
12) Press ENTER to save the song project.
 Press PLAY[DISPLAY] to return to the Play condition.