V-Combo VR-700: Creating an Organ/Ensemble-Tone Split

Tags: vr-700,v-combo
Use the following procedure to split the keyboard so that you have the upper organ sound beneath your right hand and an ensemble tone under your left.

Before performing Step 1, make sure both the SPLIT and LAYER buttons are turned off.

You can start building a layer from either an organ sound or an ensemble tone, which we'll describe as Ensemble Tone 1 in this context.

1. Press the LAYER button so it lights. If you’re starting with an
  • organ sound—proceed to Step 2.
  • ensemble tone—the upper organ manual is now layered with Ensemble Tone 1.
2. Press the desired tone-category button—the tone-category button lights red—and then use the -/+ buttons to select a tone in that category as Ensemble Tone 1.

3. Press the ENSEMBLE TO LOWER/PEDAL button so it lights—the SPLIT button lights, and Ensemble Tone 1 is now beneath your left hand along with the lower-manual organ sound.

4. Press the LOWER HARMONIC BARS button, and then push the
drawbars all the way in to silence the lower manual organ if you like.

Note: To select a different ensemble tone, press a different tone-category button and use the -/+ buttons to select the tone you want.

Note: To change the organ sound, make sure that only the UPPER HARMONIC BARS button is lit, and then use the drawbars to change the organ sound.

Note: To change the split point, double-click the SPLIT button, and use the -/+ buttons to set the split as desired.

Note: If you'd like to shift the octave of Ensemble Tone 1, press the ENSEMBLE OCTAVE SHIFT button and use the -/+ buttons to set its octave as desired.