DB-90: Metronome Mode

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The DB-90 contains two metronome modes: Beat and Pattern. Beat mode produces a traditional single quarter-note-style beat. Pattern mode contains rhythms that utilize drum instrument tones such as kick and snare. Use the following steps to audition different beats and patterns:

1. Press the POWER button to turn on the DB-90.

2. Press TEMPO, and then turn the TEMPO/VALUE dial to adjust the tempo.
Tip: You can also adjust the tempo by pressing the TAP button repeatedly.

3. Press the BEAT/PATTERN button until “BEAT” is flashing in the upper right of the display.

4. Press START/STOP to start the metronome.

5. Move the VOL slider to adjust the volume. Move the Rhythm Level sliders to adjust the rhythm accents.

6. Turn the TEMPO/VALUE dial to audition different beat types.

7. Press BEAT/PATTERN once—“PATTERN” flashes in the display.

8. Turn the TEMPO/VALUE dial to select different rhythms.

9. Press START/STOP when you're finished.