MICRO BR: Transferring the Built-In Drums to a Computer

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If you enjoy using the MICRO BR's built-in drum machine but would like to transfer the drum Patterns or Arrangements to a computer, this article will guide you through the proper procedure. The MICRO BR's drums can be bounced down (recorded) to a stereo track and then exported as a WAV file to your computer. This WAV file will be a recording of the drums alone and can then be dragged directly into a track in recording software.

How to Bounce (Mix Down) to Two Tracks

  1. Press EXIT a few times to be sure you're in the main menu screen.
  2. Press TR1.
  3. Use the CURSOR buttons to select a track and the VALUE buttons to set each track to "0".
  4. Press EXT to return to the main screen.
  5. Press the EXIT and UTILITY buttons simultaneously until you see "BOUNCE" on the display.
  6. The upper right corner of the display shows you the track you're bouncing to. By default, "12V2" (Track 1&2, V-Track 2) is displayed. You may use the CURSOR and VALUE buttons to select any track you like.
  7. Write down this number that you select on the top right of the screen--as we will be referenced this number in a later step.
  8. Press STOP and REWIND at the same time to go back to the very beginning of your song.
  9. Press RECORD, and then press PLAY.
  10. When the song is finished playing, press STOP. The drums are now recorded onto the tracks that were selected in step 2 above.

Exporting from the MICRO BR to Your Computer

  1. Press UTILITY.
  2. Press TR2 (TRK).
  3. Press the right arrow cursor button.
  4. Press TR2 (EXP).
  5. Use the arrow cursor buttons and VALUE buttons to select the pair of tracks and V-Track that you bounced to. These are the tracks that you wrote down from the "How to Bounce (Mix Down) to Two Tracks" section above.
  6. Press TR4 for NEXT.
  7. Press the VALUE + or -– key to choose the quality of mp3 that you want to create, or choose “WAV.”
  8. Press TR4 (EXE). The track(s) will be converted to MP3 or WAV.
  9. Connect the MICRO BR to a computer via USB. A window will appear on your computer showing you the contents of the MICRO BR memory card.

    Note: If a window does not appear on your computer:
        a. Click on the Windows icon (or Start icon) on the bottom left of the screen.    b. Click on Computer (or My Computer).
        c. Click on the MICRO BR icon in the Devices with Removable Storage section.

    Mac OS X:
         a. On your computer's desktop, open the MICRO BR icon.

  10. Open the "MP3" folder. Drag the MP3 or WAV file to your desktop.

  11. On your computer’s desktop, you may drag the newly created WAV or MP3 file (your drum track) directly into the recording software project that you are working on.