GI-20: Setting Mono or Poly Mode

Tags: midi,gi-20,channel
Mono or Poly mode can be set and stored in each patch of the GI-20. In MONO Mode, each string transmits MIDI info on a different MIDI channel. This can be useful if you're triggering a multi-timberal sound module and want a different sound from each string. In POLY Mode, ALL strings transmit the MIDI info on one MIDI channel. This mode can simplify the settings for the sound module you're triggering. Use the following steps to select either Mono or Poly mode for a patch:

1. Choose a Patch to edit.

2. Turn the PARAMETER knob to select "MIDI CHANNEL."

3. Press the SELECT button so that one indicator shows in the upper left of the display. This indicates that "MONO/POLY" is selected.

4. Press the PATCH/VALUE Up or Down buttons to choose the desired setting. "Nn" = Mono mode, "PL" = Poly Mode.

5. If desired, press the WRITE button twice to save the new setting.

6. Turn the PARAMETER knob counter-clockwise to "PLAY MODE" when finished.