BR-800: SONAR 8.5 Control Surface Setup

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Use the following steps for setting up the BR-800 as a control surface for SONAR 8.5.

Note: Install the BR-800 driver according to the instructions on the included BR-800 DVD-ROM before performing the steps below. Also, Sonar 8.5 must be installed from an installation disc before performing the steps below.

BR-800 Setup

1. Press the MENU button.

2. Cursor to "USB," and then press ENTER.

3. Cursor to "CONTROL SURFACE," and then press ENTER—this puts the BR-800 in Control Surface mode.


1. Launch SONAR.

2. From the Options menu, select "MIDI Devices..."

3. Click the BR-800 boxes for both the Input and Output windows—a checkmark appears inside both boxes.

4. Click OK.

5. From the Options menu, select "Controller/Surfaces..."

Note: If there are any control surfaces already listed, select each one and click the red "X" to delete it.

4. Click the yellow "Add New Control Surface" button above the red "X". The Controller Surface Settings window appears.

5. In the Controller Surface Settings window, set Controller/Surface to "Mackie Control." In addition, set both the Input Port and Output Port to "BR-800."

6. Click OK, and then close the Controller/Surfaces window.

The BR-800 is now set up to act as a control surface for SONAR. The following will guide you through setting up the BR-800 as an audio interface in SONAR:

Monitoring (Speakers / Headphones)
    Headphones: If you are monitoring via headphones, connect these directly to the PHONES jack of the BR-800 and the use the MASTER fader to adjust the volume coming out of Sonar.

    Speakers: If you are using speakers, connect the LINE OUTs of the BR-800 to the inputs of your speakers or the amplifier of your speakers. Be sure to turn the speakers or amplifier for the speakers on and turn up their volume.

NOTE: When using an audio interface with a computer (such as the BR-800), all sound will be output of the interface and not out of the computer speakers.

Driver Setup (ASIO):


Recording an Audio Track: