ME-50: Editing Patches

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You can change the sound produced by any of the ME-50 patches by editing its parameters. You can use the knobs and pedals to turn effects on or off and to change their parameters’ settings.

1. Use the “Selecting Patches” steps above to select a patch for editing—for our example, select Patch 5-3 (Clean).

2. Press EDIT/EXIT. The MEMORY indicator flashes to show you’re in Patch Edit mode.

3. Press Pedals 1, 2 and 3 to turn the OD/DS, MOD and DELAY effects on and off as desired.

4. Turn the knobs directly above the pedals to change the parameter settings for the effects.

Note: You may need to fully sweep a knob past the position stored in the patch to hear a change.

Note: When settings are changed—except for the MASTER LEVEL setting—the edited effect’s indicator flashes.

5. Press the VARIATION button in the OD/DS section to choose the variation effect in the corresponding box.

6. Turn the knobs for the TONE MODIFY, COMPRESSOR, NS, and REVERB effects.

Note: For detailed information on the various effects, refer to Pages 8–18 in the ME-50 Owner’s Manual.