VM-3100: Effects -- Detailed Editing of Effect Parameters

Tags: vm-3100
Each of the VM-3100’s 49 effects consists of a number of specific parameters.
While the VM-3100 provides quick access to four primary functions of an effect
with the V Knobs, you have the ability to edit each of an effect’s various
parameters individually. This gives you detailed control over each of an
effect’s settings. Use the following procedure when you wish to access and
edit all components of an effect in detail:

1) Press EFFECTS 1.
2) Rotate the VALUE dial until the name of the patch you wish to select appears
in the display.
3) Press ENTER/YES. The effect patch is now selected.
4) Press [F1-F4 ON/OFF]. The effect functions appear in the display.
5) Press F3[VALUE]. A diagram of the effect algorithm and its specific
components appears
in the display.
6) Press ENTER/YES.
7) Use the DOWN CURSOR to highlight each of the effects specific parameters.
8) Rotate the VALUE dial to change the effect parameter.
9) Press LEVEL METER to return to the main mixer display when you are done.

NOTE: Once you change to another effect, any changes made to the current effect
will be lost.