VG-99: Alternate Tunings

Tags: string,pitch,vg-99
The Alternate Tuning capabilities are amazing in the VG-99. Each string can have its own desired tuning and can be instantly accessed from each patch. Here’s how to choose different tunings for each string. For this example, we’ll use patch 213 "Jazz combo."

1. Turn the VALUE dial to select 213 Jazz combo.

2. Press the ALTERNATE TUNING button.

3. Press F1 until A/B LINK is set to ON.

4. Turn the F3 knob clockwise to select ON.

5. Turn the F4 knob clockwise to choose USER.

6. Press F3 (USER).

7. Turn the F1 knob to adjust the tuning for the 1st (High E) string.

8. Now turn F2 to tune the 2nd (B) string.

9. Turn each of the remaining F knobs as desired.

10. Press EXIT twice when you’re finished.