VS-2480CD, VS-2480: Creating a Headphone or Monitor Mix Using an External Headphone or Speaker Amplifier

Tags: mix,aux,send,amp,headphone,bus,busses,phones

Any of the eight Aux Busses of the VS-2480 can be used to create a montior speaker or headphone mix. The following example will guide through creating a mono mix using Aux Bus 7.


  1. Connect an audio cable from L-AUX-A to the input of your speaker amplifier or headphone amplifier.
  2. Press EZ ROUTING.
  3. Press F3(OUTPUT).
  4. Use the CURSOR Arrows to highlight "AUX A."
  5. Rotate the TIME/VALUE dial to make a "virtual" connection from the AUX 7/8 bus to output AUX A.
  6. Press the IN 17-24 / AUX SEND button above the red master fader.
  7. Raise AUX 7 fader to 0dB.

    Now, any channel that is sent to Aux 7 will output audio to the L-AUX-A jack and will be heard through the connected monitor speaker or headphone amplifier.



Let's start sending audio to the monitor speaker or headphone amplifier from instruments that are currently connected or recorded tracks.

  1. Press the IN 1-16 button or the IN 17-24/AUX SND button to assign the faders as inputs faders--to send instruments or microphones currently connected to the monitor speaker or headphones.
    Press the TR-1-16 button or the TR 17-24 button to assign the faders as track faders--to send pre recorded tracks to the monitor speaker or headphones.
  2. As an example, we'll send Channel 1 to the monitor speaker or headphones.
    Press the CH EDIT located above Channel 1.
  3. Use the CURSOR arrows to select AUX 7 and then turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select "Pre".
  4. CURSOR to the send knob of AUX 7 and turn the TIME/VALUE dial to a desired level. This will now send directly to the connected monitor speaker or headphone amp.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for any additional input or track channels.