BR-1180CD: New Features in Version II

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1. Auto Scene
Calls up scenes automatically during playback and recording by assigning markers to scenes. The number of scenes had been increased from eight to fifty.

2. Disk at Once
This function allows you to use markers to add CD track numbers to audio tracks within recorded data. This is useful when recording live performances, nonstop DJ mixes, and other extended recordings.

3. Loading Songs From BR-8
Now you can convert BR-8 song data and load it into the BR-1180CD.

4. Normalize Function
Recorded data on audio tracks can now be converted to specified amplitude ranges. This allows for proper volume balance with other tracks, even if you happen to record a particular track at too low a volume level.

5. Loop Phrase Time Modify Function
This allows you to change the tempo of an existing specified loop phrase and create a new loop phrase from that data. This makes it possible to align loop phrases used in rhythm arrangements.

6. Speaker Modeling Now DS-30A Compatible
Speaker modeling now works for the DS-30A BiAmped Monitor and dedicated patches have been added (P23-P33).

7. Use MIDI to Change Effect Patches
Record performance data produced by an external drum machine or other device in real time as a rhythm pattern, as it arrives at the MIDI IN connector. The patterns can then be used as user and song rhythm patterns.

8. Initialize Individual Partitions
When using multiple drives or partitions, now you can specify an inidividual partition to initialize.

Various Other Enhancements:
- Changing drumkits while Realtime Recording of rhythm patterns is in standby.
- Edit preset rhythm patterns and write to USER/Song rhythm patterns
- Play any drum sound at a particular point while in the Step Input or Microscope screen
- Use STOP and REC to save songs.