Fantom X6, Fantom X7, Fantom X8: Loading XV-5080 Patches Using the Fantom X Librarian.

Tags: xv-5080,fantom,patches,x6,x7,x8
1. Install the Fantom X Editor/Librarian and USB MIDI driver, available at Download the XV-5080 patches.

2. On the Fantom X, press MENU. Cursor down to System and press ENTER.

3. Press F2 repeatedly to get to the USB page. Set USB Mode to "MIDI". Connect the Fantom X to a dedicated USB port on your computer.

4. On your computer, launch the Fantom X Librarian. From the Setup menu, select "Setup MIDI Devices". In the Fantom X Input and Output fields, select "Roland Fantom X".

5. From the File menu, select "Open..." Browse to the XV-5080 patch file you downloaded named "Fantom-X_XV" and click "Open". A new window will open with a list of 1024 sounds.

6. Select a sound you wish to load into your Fantom X. From the Edit menu, select "Copy".

7. Select a patch location in the window directly behind. From the Edit menu, select "Replace".

8. Click "Write Selected".