VR-760: Using the VR-760 Synth Part

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The VR-760's synth part has 18 tones. They're organized into in six categories: STRINGS, CHOIR/SCAT, BRASS, SYNTH LEAD, SYNTH PAD, and BASS. Use the following procedure to call up and listen to the various synth tones:

1. Press the ONE TOUCH SYNTH button until "OT:SYNTH" is displayed - this selects the "Strings" category. The STRINGS button lights.

2. While playing the keyboard, press the SYNTH VARIATION 1-3 button to toggle between the three different string sounds.

3. Repeat Steps 1-3 for the other synth categories.

4. You can adjust the tone of the selected synth sounds by turning the ATTACK, RELEASE, CUTOFF, and RESONANCE knobs.