EM-2000: Copying ZIP disks

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The EM-2000 allows you to copy the contents of the internal ZIP drive to an
(optional) external SCSI ZIP drive. Use the following steps to copy files from
one ZIP disk to another ZIP disk on the EM-2000:

1) Turn the EM-2000 off.
2) Connect an external SCSI ZIP drive to the SCSI port of the EM-2000.
3) Set the external ZIP drive SCSI ID number to #6.
4) Turn on the external ZIP drive and insert a blank formatted ZIP disk. (See
EM-2000, Formatting ZIP Disks)
5) Turn on the EM-2000 and insert the source ZIP disk.
6) From the MASTER display, press F5 [Disk].
7) Press M DRUMS [DEVICE] under the display.
8) Press M DRUMS [SCAN] under the display and wait for scanning to finish.
9) Unless already selected, use the BASS/BANK dial to select "5 HD mounted"
by positioning the arrow icon [ < ] next to it.
10) Press UPPER 1 [CHANGE] under the display.
11) Press F4 [Disk].
12) While holding SHIFT, press F3 [Utlty].
13) Press F2 [Copy].
14) Press UPPER 2 [PROCEED] under the display.
15) Use the PAGE buttons [ ^ or v ] to select the material you wish to copy.

NOTE: To copy an entire category (i.e., all SONGS) press UPPER 2 [ALL OFF] to
display [ALL ON]. To copy the entire ZIP disk, you must copy each category

16) Confirm that the "From" display shows "ID5."
17) Turn the UPPER VARIATION knob to choose "ID6" in the "To" window.
18) Press LOWER 1 [EXECUTE] under the display.
19) Press M BASS [YES] under the display.
20) Wait for copying to finish.
21) Press F5 [Exit] to return to the MASTER display.