SPD-20: Patch Chain

Tags: spd-20
A Patch Chain is a sequence of up to 16 Patches. The SPD-20 can store 8 of
these Patch Chains in locations A through H. By setting up a Patch Chain that
contains all the Patches you need for a set or a song, you can quickly access
all Patches.

1) Press EDIT to enter edit mode.
2) Press PATCH CHAIN repeatedly to select a Chain (A,b,C,d,e,F,G,H) to be
3) Use the PATCH/VALUE [-] or [+] buttons to select the first Patch number
4) Press ENTER.
5) Repeat steps 3-4 to add additional Patches to the Chain.
6) When you are finished, press ALL/ENTER to display "Ent."
7) Press EDIT to return to the Play Mode.