JUNO-Gi: Making a CD of Your Completed Song.


Using these steps shows how to take your exported audio files which are in the WAV file format, and have you use them to create a CD on your computer.


Note: To do this procedure you will need a computer and a SD card reader.


  1. Press the WRITE button to save the song, than switch the power off the JUNO-Gi.
  2. Remove the SD card form the rear of the JUNO-Gi and place it in your card reader.
  3. Once card reader reads your SD card an icon will pop up on your computer desktop labeled “JUNO_GI”.
  4. Double click on this icon with your mouse to open, which you will see a “ROLAND” folder.
  5. Once the “ROLAND” folder is open you will see an “EXPORT” folder.
  6. Double click on the “EXPORT” folder, where you will see your audio files (.WAV).
  7. Drag and drop or copy and paste your audio files to the computer desktop or folder you have created.
  8. When you've finish copying audio files to computer,  you then can eject or unmount the SD card labeled JUNO_GI from your computer to put back in the keyboard.
  9. Using CD burning software you can burn the audio files (.WAV) to a CD.