DR-660: Recording a Pattern (Step Mode)

Tags: loop,create,dr-660,beat
Use the following steps to record a pattern in step mode:

1. Press the SONG[PTN] button so "PATTERN" is flashing in the display.

2. Press the REAL[STEP] button so "STEP" shows in the display.

3. Turn the VALUE dial to select a User pattern you want
to use for the recording. User patterns are numbered 100-249.

4. Press REC.

5. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the Quantize value. For step recording, the Quantize setting specifies how each beat will be divided as you're stepping through the pattern.

6. Press CURSOR Right > so the Beat Length value is flashing.

7. Turn the VALUE dial to specify the desired Beat Length (1-80). For example, a Beat Length of "4" is equivalent to a one measure 4/4 pattern. A Beat Length of "3" is equivalent to a one measure pattern in 3/4.

8. Press TEMPO.

9. Turn the VALUE dial to adjust the tempo as desired (20-260).

10. Press the DRUM KIT button so "DRUM KIT" flashes in the display.

11. Turn the VALUE dial to select the desired drum kit (1-38).

12. After choosing a drum kit, press DRUM KIT once.

13. Press START. The green indicator above the START button will light up solidly. You are now in step record mode.

14. Use the RWD and FWD buttons to step through each measure in the pattern. The quantize value that was selected in # 5 above will determine how many steps will be available.

15. Once the desired step is reached, press the pad that contains the instrument you want to record in the pattern.

16. Repeat steps 14-15 as many times as needed to create your pattern.

17. When you're finish recording, press STOP/EXIT.

18. Now press START to play your pattern.