VS-2000CD: Defining V-Tracks

Tags: track,vs-2000cd,v-tracks
For each track in the Track Mixer, there are 16 different V-Tracks. When a new project is created, the first track that you record on is: Track one, V-Track one(1-1). However, only one V-Track out of the 16 can be played, or recorded, per track at a time. For example, once V-Track 1-1 is recorded on and then the V-Track is switched to 1-2, you can no longer hear what was recorded on 1-1. If you wanted to hear that material at the same time you would record it on Track one, V-Track one(1-1) and Track Two, V-track one(2-1).
A popular way to use V-Tracks is to record different "takes", or passes. Once you make the initial recording on 1-1, you can change the V-Track to 1-2 and record the same material again. Then, you can compare the different V-Tracks and see which "take" turned out the best.
The same concept can be applied to recording solos. For instance, if you wanted to record a guitar solo, you could record four different solos on four different V-Tracks of the Guitar Track. Then, when you're ready to mix the song you can compare the different V-Tracks and see which solo sounded the best in the mix.