BR-1180CD: Recovering from a BACKUP CD?

Tags: archive,backup,recover,br-1180cd,restore
The following steps will allow you to RECOVER a song that you backed up to CD which will pull it back into the BR-1180 Hard Drive with all original tracks.

1- Place the BACKUP CD into the drive.
2- Press the DATA SAVE/LOAD button.
3- Cursor to select RECOVER and press ENTER/YES, which
will show a listing of the song on the CD to
4- Cursor to the song you want to select to recover to the
Hard Drive and turn the dial so that an asterick ( * )
appears to the right of the song title.
5- You can select multiple songs to recover by cursoring
to another song and turning the dial to make an
asterick appear there as well.
6- When you have the songs to backup marked with an
asterick, cursor to GO and press enter.
7- Respond with the ENTER YES button to begin recovering
from a BACKUP CD. It takes less time to recover than
it does to backup.