UA-5: The Difference Between Standard and Advanced Mode

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The ADV switch allows you to move between advanced and standard operation modes. Any changes to this switch must be done with power off on the UA-5.

Advance mode supports from 16bit 44.1kHz to 24bit 96kHz audio, as well as either WDM or MME drivers depending on the software you are using and your computer's OS version.

Advanced mode also enables the UA-5's ASIO driver, which will install along with either the WDM or MME driver. When you are initially installing advanced mode drivers it is necessary to choose between WDM or MME, so if you aren't using audio software that takes advantage of WDM for latency purposes, you should probably install the MME driver to maintain compatibility with all other audio applications you might end up using.

Basic mode supports 16bit 44.1-48kHz audio only, and does not require a driver from CD-ROM. ASIO is not supported in basic mode.