MICRO BR, BR-80: Using an External Microphone

Tags: condenser,dynamic,mic,microphone,external

The following steps will guide you through the proper procedure for using an external microphone with the BR-80.

Condenser microphones require 48 volts, known as Phantom power, in order to operate. If you are using a condenser microphone, you will need an external phantom power box to power the condenser microphone; this is usually sold separately from the microphone.

  1. Connect the microphone to the GUITAR/MIC IN jack of the BR-80. This may require an adapter cable (e.g. XLR connector on one end connect to your microphone and then 1/4” on the other end connected to the BR-80).

  2. On the back of the BR-80, set the GUITAR/MIC switch to MIC.

  3. Press MENU.

  4. Cursor to "INPUT SENS" and then press ENTER.

  5. Talk or sing into the microphone and then use the dial to adjust the SENSITIVITY until the volume meter averages around "12".

  6. Press EXIT twice to return to the main screen.

  7. Press the track button (TR1/2, TR3/4, TR5/6 or TR7/8) to arm the desired track.

  8. Press REC and then press PLAY to begin recording.

  9. Press STOP to end recording.