EM-2000: External ZIP Drive Connection

Tags: em-2000
The EM-2000 has a SCSI port for connecting external storage devices. Use the
following procedure to connect an external SCSI ZIP drive:

1) Turn the EM-2000 off.
2) Connect an external SCSI ZIP drive to the SCSI port on the back of the
EM-2000 using a SCSI cable.
3) Set the external ZIP drive I.D. to 6.
4) Set the external ZIP drive Termination to "OFF."
5) Turn the external ZIP drive on.
6) Turn the EM-2000 on.
7) Press F5 [Disk].
8) Press M Drums [DEVICE].
9) Insert a ZIP Disk into the external ZIP drive.
10) Press M Drums [SCAN], "EXECUTING ... please Wait" will be displayed.

NOTE: When scanning is complete, "6 HD mounted" will be displayed in the device
list. "5 HD mounted" in the device list refers to the EM-2000 internal ZIP