R-70: Changing the Effects Level for Each Instrument

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To get the most convincing "real drum" sounds out of the R-70, you might want
to try to adjust the effect send levels of the individual drum instruments
before recording. For instance, in a professional recording studio, it is often
desirable for the engineer to use a healthy dose of reverb on the snare drum
and cymbals during mixdown while little or no reverb is applied to a kick drum.
This can serve to add "punch" and definition to the overall mix by defining
the low frequencies. Use the following procedure to modify the effects send
levels on the instrument of your choice:

1) Press the MIXER button on the R-70. A screen with several fader levels will
be displayed.

NOTE: If this screen does not appear, press the LEFT CURSOR button.

3) Press the pad of the instrument that you wish to assign effects to.
4) CURSOR RIGHT to the word surrounded by [ ] and use the VALUE SLIDER to
select "[FX1]" (Effects Processor 1) or "[FX2]" (Effects Processor 2) depending
on which processor you wish to use.
5) Press RIGHT CURSOR once and use the VALUE SLIDER to adjust the effects
level as desired. Possible values are 1-15.