VP-550: How Do I Adjust the Mic Expression Dynamics and Sensitivity?

Tags: mic,sensitivity,expression,vp-550
1. While holding MIC ON/OFF, press one of the Vocal Designer sound buttons:

--Press CLASSIC to select low dynamics.
--Press MALE & FEMALE to select moderately low dynamics.
--Press GOSPEL to select medium dynamics.
--Press POP to select moderately high dynamics.
--Press VOCODER 1 to select high dynamics.
--Press VOCODER 2 to select very high dynamics.

2. While holding MIC ON/OFF, press one of the Ensemble sound buttons:

--Press STRINGS 1 to select low sensitivity.
--Press STRINGS 2 to select moderately low sensitivity.
--Press JAZZ SCAT to select medium sensitivity.
--Press MIXED CHORUS to select moderately high sensitivity.
--Press BOYS CHOIR to select high sensitivity.
--Press HUMMING to select very high sensitivity.

3. Hold MIC ON/OFF to check the current settings.