BK-7M, GR-55: Using the GR-55 with the BK-7M (Setup)

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It's possible to use the GR-55 as a "controller" for the BK-7M. Here's how to setup the two devices.

1. Turn on the power for the GR-55.

2. Press EDIT.

3. Press the PAGE right button to select the SYSTEM tab.

4. Press cursor left or right to select the MIDI/USB icon and then press ENTER.

5. Press PAGE left or right to select the GUITAR-MIDI tab.

6. Press cursor up to select "SWITCH."

7. Turn the dial to choose "ON." This turns on the Guitar to MIDI feature.

8. Press cursor down to select MODE, and then turn the dial to select "POLY."

9. Turn on the BK-7M's power.

10. With a MIDI cable, connect the MIDI OUT of the GR-55 to the MIDI IN of the BK-7M.

11. On the BK-7M, press MENU.

12. Turn the dial clockwise to select "Wizard Connection."

13. Press the dial.

14. Turn the dial to select "GUITAR."

15. Press the dial - "Play a guitar string" appears in the display.

16. Play a string on the guitar - "Wizard Settings will be saved" appears.

17. Press the dial to save the new setting.

The GR-55 is now setup to change the chords in the BK-7M. Try it out:

1. On the BK-7M, press a desired RHYTHM FAMILY button to select a music style.

2. Press the START/STOP button to begin playback.

3. Play desired chords on the guitar. As you're playing, the chord appears in the BK-7M's display.

Note: When triggering the BK-7M with the GR-55, many factors can effect the performance of the chord changes. If you experience inconsistencies, try experimenting with different sensitivity values for the stings as well as working with the Velocity Parameters in the GR-55. In the end, your playing technique is crucial for optimum performance.