ME-20: Switching Between Manual and Memory Mode

Tags: effects,me-20
The ME-20 features a Memory mode that lets you to store and recall up to 30 user patches so you can quickly and easily load your favorite setups. The ME-20 also offers Manual mode that lets you turn on and off the currently selected effects using the pedals. Here’s how to switch between Manual and Memory modes:

1. Press Pedals 2 and 3 simultaneously to toggle between Manual and Memory Mode.

When you’re in Memory mode — the currently selected Bank number shows in the display and the MEMORY indicator lights in the display.

When you’re in Manual mode — the MEMORY indicator is unlit, Pedal 1 turns the OD/DS (Overdrive/Distortion) effect on and off, Pedal 2 turns the MOD effect on and off, and Pedal 3 turns the DELAY effect on and off.