V-STUDIO 100, VS-100: How to Achieve a Good Balance of Volume Between Speakers and Headphones

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The following article will guide you through setting up the V-STUDIO 100, your external speakers and your headphones to achieve a good balance of volume:


  1. Turn off your external speakers and turn down (counter-clockwise) the headphone VOLUME knob  on the V-STUDIO 100.

  2. Set all of the V-STUDIO 100's channel knobs, including the PLAYBACK knob, to the 12 o'clock position (straight up).

  3. Begin either playing audio from your software (e.g. Sonar, Pro Tools, etc) or producing audio from a connected device (e.g. sing into a connected microphone, play through a connected keyboard, etc).

  4. Be sure that the V-STUDIO 100's OUT level meter is averaging around 5 or 6 bars.

    If the OUT level is lower than 5 or 6 bars, either increase the output volume from your software, raise the volume of your external connected device (e.g. keyboard, iPod, etc) or raise the  knob for the microphone you have connected.
    This will ensure that you have good volume to work with.

  5. Turn down the volume setting on your speakers and then power them on.

  6. While audio is playing and the OUT level meter is averaging around 5 or 6 bars, raise the volume on your speakers until you hear a desired volume level.

  7. You may now raise the VOLUME knob  for the headphone volume.


As long as the OUT level meter is averaging around 5 or 6 bars, you should now have good volume levels between your speakers and your headphones.