KF-7: Saving a Recorded Song to Disk

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Use the following procedure to save a recorded song to disk:

1. Record a song as described under “Recording a Song.”

2. Insert a formatted disk into the drive.

Note: Make sure the disk was formatted on a KF-7 (Refer to the Owner’s Manual, pp. 99–100 for more information.)

3. Press the SELECT/LISTEN TO A SONG/DISK button (located to the left of the screen.)

4. Touch FILE on the screen.

5. Touch SAVE on the screen.

6. Use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow Icons on the screen to select a song destination.

7. Touch KF on the screen.

8. Touch SAVE on the screen.

9. Press the ONE TOUCH PROGRAM ARRANGER button to return to the main menu.

Refer to the Owner’s Manual, pp. 101–103 for more information.