BR-1180CD: Normalizing a Track

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Normalizing allows you to increase the level of a track that was recorded at too low of a volume initially. It gives you more signal to work with during bouncing and/or mixing. Keep in mind, that increasing the volume of a track increases the background noise, as well as the audio content.

1. Press UTILITY.
2. CURSOR to TRACK, and press ENTER.
3. Select the desired track with the TIME/VALUE dial.
4. CURSOR to LOC, and press ENTER.
5. Use the CURSOR and the TIME/VALUE dial to select the "Start" and "End" point for the segment meant for normalizing.
6. Cursor to "Normalize To:" then set the normalization volume to 1-100%. 100% for the maximum amount and 50% to cut the amplitude in half.
7. CURSOR to GO, and press ENTER. If you don't like the results you can always undo them right away by pressing the UNDO button.