Roland GR-55 Accessing Normal Pickups

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Tips & Tricks
Product: GR-55
Topic: Accessing Normal Pickups Within the GR-55

Here is a quick tip for GR-55 users who want to be able to hear their guitar’s normal pickups when the GK toggle switch is in "GUITAR" position through the L/R outputs.

1. Press the [EDIT] button and use the PAGE [◄ ►] left & right button to bring up the SYSTEM page.

2. Using the DIAL [◄ ►] left & right buttons, or by spinning the DIAL, select/highlight PEDAL/GK CTL and push the [ENTER] button.

3. Using the PAGE [◄ ►] right & left buttons bring up the VOL page and a list of adjustable parameters.

4. Using the UP & DOWN [▲ ▼] arrows on the dial, select/highlight GK VOL (top of the list).

5. Spin the [DIAL] until the selection/highlighted area displays GK VOL TONE VOLUME.

6. Check further down the parameter list and make sure on this page that the NORMAL PU parameter is set to OFF and push [EXIT].

7. Note that the GR-55’s presets have the NORMAL PICKUP mode turned off by default, so make sure to go to the TONE page and turn NORMAL pickups on.

With the switch set to GUITAR you’ll hear just the normal magnetic guitar pickups sound. In MIX, you'll hear both the COSM/PCM sounds, and normal magnetic guitar pickups being output. You’ll have independent volume control for each via the guitar pickups volume control and the GK volume control. In GK position, you'll hear just the COSM/PCM sounds.