BR-864: Backing up and Recovering a Project on the BR-864 via USB

Tags: backup,recover,usb,br-864

In all types of digital recording, it is necessary to make periodic backups of your data. In the case of the BR-864, this is often needed to make room for new songs on your memory card.

To simplify the backup process, the BR-864 has a USB connection, allowing you to connect directly to a Mac or PC and copy your projects onto your computer. If you wish, the files, once on your computer can be permanently archived onto CD, or housed in the computer's hard drive temporarily for recovery at a later date.

To perform a Backup:

1.) Connect the BR-864 to your computer via USB.

2.) Push the USB button, and using the TIME VALUE wheel select "BACKUP" and press ENTER.

3.) The BR-864 should show up on your desktop as a removable drive. (If on a Windows PC, you do not see the 864 on your desktop, navigate to "MY COMPUTER", where you should see it as either an "F" or "H" drive.)

4.) Inside the BR-864 drive, you will see a folder called "ROLAND". Drag this entire folder onto your computer.

5.) Press "EXIT" to close the USB connection. When prompted by the BR-864, press "ENTER/YES".
You have now successfully backed up the entire contents of the BR-864's memory card. At this point you can reformat your card and begin working on new material.

When the time comes to recover your project, you must first backup whatever is on the card, as the recovery process will overwrite any info on the card.

To recover a backed up project, follow steps 1-3 for making a project back up. Take the ROLAND folder from your computer, and drag and drop it onto the BR-864 icon.

Your computer will ask you if you want to replace the existing ROLAND folder, answer "YES". Disconnect per Step 5 above.

You have now successfully recovered your projects. You can call up any song you like in the 864, and pick up where you left off.