VM-7200, VM-7100: Initialization Steps for the VM-7000 Series Mixers

Tags: vm-7100,vm-7200,reset,factory,initialize,settings
To reset the VM-7000 Series Mixers back to factory default settings, use the following steps:

1. Power up the processor and wait for the Control Indicator light to go to a solid green state.

2. If inserted, remove the SmartMedia card from the console.

3. Hold down the Project/Syestem and the F1 button and power on the unit.

4. Press F1 when "OK" is displayed.

5. Press F2 when "Start" is displayed.

6. When the level meter screen is displayed, the console is ready to use.

NOTE: If existing problems with routing have been saved to the card, recalling a particular project stored on the SmartMedia card may cause the original problem to return.