Error Messages

Tags: m-vs1,m-se1,m-oc1,m-dc1,m-bd1
The following is a list of possible error messages:

noP (No Patch)

Patch not found in the Bank specified by means of Program Change and / or Controller No. 0 & 32 messages.

btL (Battery Low)

The battery required for preserving parameter settings in nearly depleted. Consult with the nearest Roland Service Station.

oFL (MIDI Off Line)

MIDI communications have been disrupted. Check the cable connected to MIDI In to see if it is working or if there is a problem with the external device. (The error will appear if the external device has been switched off.)

bFL (MIDI Buffer Full)

Data could not be processed successfully because too much was received within a short period of time.

cSE (MIDI Checksum Error)

A checksum contended in System Exclusive messages received by the unit was found to be in error