VS-840, VS-840EX, VS-840GX: Initializing a Zip Disk

Tags: disk,format,initialize,vs-840,vs-840ex,vs-840gx,zip
The VS-840 uses Iomega ZIP cartridges as its recording medium. Each new cartridge must be initialized by the VS-840 before it can be used. Also, if the Zip disk was used on another device, such as a Mac or PC computer, it must be initialized for use with the VS-840 series. Use the following procedure to initialize a new ZIP cartridge:

1. Press UTILITY.

2. Use the CURSOR buttons to select the Disk Utility icon, and press ENTER[TAP].

3. Use the CURSOR buttons to select the Disk Initialize icon, and press ENTER[TAP].

4. Use the VALUE dial to specify whether or not you wish to use physical formatting. Turn this to "On" for a disk that may be problematic or a disk that was used on another type of device.

5. CURSOR DOWN to select the "GO" icon, and press ENTER[TAP].

6. Press YES to execute.

When initialization is completed successfully, you will return to Play mode.