GT-100: The "Total" Menu

Tags: level,global,reverb,overall,sum

The GT-100 features a menu called "Total" which contains global Noise Suppressor, Reverb, and Main Output level parameters that can be adjusted.  

Here's how to access and adjust each parameter.

1. Press SYSTEM. 

2. Turn knob 4 to highlight the "TOTAL" icon. 

3. Use knobs 5-7 to adjust the parameters.

Knob 5 - Adjusts the global Noise Suppressor Threshold value. If you're hearing excessive noise from your guitar, try increasing this value. If you want to use the Noise Suppressor settings that are already stored in each patch, keep this value at 0dB.    

Knob 6 - Adjusts the overall Reverb Level (0-200%) . If you want to retain the settings specified in each patch, keep this value at 100%.

Knob 7 - Adjusts the Main Output Level (-10dB / +4dB).

4. When you're finished, press EXIT. The new settings are saved automatically.