V-STUDIO 20, VS-20: Connecting and Setting Up an Audio Source (Guitar, Mic, Keyboard, etc)

Tags: input,audio,mic,microphone,bass,instrument,guitar,keyboard,ipod

The following are setup procedures for a connecting an audio source, such as a guitar or microphone, to the V-STUDIO 20:

  1. Turn the V-STUDIO 20's OUTPUT LEVEL knob completely counter-clockwise.
  2. Connect speakers to the L-OUTPUT-R jacks of the V-STUDIO 20 or headphones to the PHONES jack of the V-STUDIO 20.
  3. If you are using speakers, turn up the volume to the speakers.
    NOTE: Do not connect the headphones or speakers to your computer but connect them directly to the V-STUDIO 20's headphone jack.
  4. Connect your audio input source into the V-STUDIO 20 (e.g. microphone, guitar, keyboard, etc).
  5. Turn up the audio output volume of your external input source (e.g. guitar, keyboard, iPod, etc).
    NOTE: If you are connecting a keyboard, connect to the LINE IN of the VS-20. This may require adapter cables.
  6. In the INPUT section of the V-STUDIO 20, select the button associated with your input: MIC 1, MIC 2, LINE or GUITAR/BASS.
    NOTE: If you are connecting a keyboard to the LINE IN, press the “LINE” button.
  7. Adjust the SENS knob in the INPUT section until the PEAK light blinks occasionally when producing sound (e.g. playing the guitar, singing into the microphone, etc).
  8. Adjust the DIRECT MONITOR knob to the 12 o'clock position--straight up.
  9. Begin producing sound from your external source (e.g. playing the guitar, singing into the microphone, etc) and then turn up the OUTPUT LEVEL knob clockwise until you hear audio.