MC-808: How Do I Create a Custom Rhythm Kit?

Tags: rhythm,samples,mc-808,drumkit
NOTE: Creating custom rhythm kits can only be accomplished through the MC-808 software editor.

2. Press the desired PART button (10-16).
3. Use the VALUE dial to select INIT RHYTHM.
4. Open the MC-808 Editing software on your computer.
5. Click the EDIT button on the channel corresponding to the part chosen in step 2 above. The Rhythm Edit window appears.
6. Click WAVE.
7. Press the desired pad on the MC-808.
8. For the first WMT tone, choose Sample. Specify whether the sample resides in the internal or card storage.
9. Under Wave Number, select the desired sample.
10. Repeat steps 7-9 to assign samples to other pads.
11. To save your changes, press WRITE and follow the prompts.