Fantom-G6/-G7/-G8 System Update Version 1.30

Roland Corporation U.S. is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.30 for the Fantom-G series workstations. This free download adds a number of new innovative features, sound content and system enhancements to the Fantom-G’s operating system, including:

  • Arpeggio Import Function for creating user arpeggio styles
  • Enhanced functionality including independent tempo for Live and Studio modes
  • New keyboard modes for RPS and Rhythm Patterns
  • New real-time control of multiple sounds at once
  • Hundreds of new rhythm patterns and RPS phrases
  • New piano patches, Live Sets, and Studio Sets

IMPORTANT: You must carefully follow the instructions contained within the file “READ_ME_FIRST.pdf.” Failing to do so may result in loss of data!

NOTE: The Fantom-G Librarian/Editor Software has been updated to reflect Version 1.30 features. Please see the link below to update your Fantom-G Librarian/Editor Software to the current version.